Our Values

We are committed to meeting the responsibilities of being a world class partner to the mining industry in Indonesia

Our principle belief is that our technology and know-how deliver valuable and measurable benefits for our customers. We don’t make claims we can’t substantiate and we never exaggerate the results of our rigorous testing

We work closely as a team, supporting each other, so that in turn we can support our customers. We are strongest and at our best when we work collaboratively to achieve the best outcome for our customers.

We work diligently and precisely with the intention of avoiding making errors.
If mistakes do happen, we admit them openly, and apply all necessary time, effort and resources to correct the situation.

Our people are our biggest asset. We do everything we can to encourage them to achieve the most from their work and from their life. The professional development of our team is something we are extremely enthusiastic about and are very proud to support.

We are firm believers in equal rights. Everyone we meet or work with is equally important to us, irrespective of race, religion, gender or orientation