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Premium Mining Products Partnership

As part of our commitment to offer Indonesian mine owners and operators a wide range of superior mining components, we constantly seek out and rigorously select only those suppliers that demonstrate their ability to meet our core values and operating standards.

Once selected, we establish and develop partnerships and strategic alliances that give us the most significant and dynamic advantage possible. With this in place, we can confidently deliver on our promise to continuously reduce operating costs /tonne.

Makuri Technology Pte Ltd

Makuri Technology Pte Ltd is an Asian based, Singapore registered, company that is a specialty designer and manufacturer of advanced, and in many cases unique, wear liner systems specifically for the mining industry.

Anywhere high value minerals are being mined and processed, Makuri Technology allows you to extract the maximum performance from your equipment. Significant reduction in operating costs/tonne can be achieved by using our unique installation, materials and designs, which are in a continuous improvement cycle to meet the ever-increasing demands of you, the end user.

Makuri Technology has developed and holds a number of patents for advanced liner design and installation technologies. 

The Makuri name and logo is taken from the ancient Japanese art of making the most effective, battle proven, Samurai swords possible. This is achieved by using soft cores and hard outers in the design and fabrication of these unique swords, which allows them to withstand extreme impact whilst still retaining their cutting edge performance.

This ancient, but timeless, counter intuitive use of hard and soft materials can be seen in much of the design philosophy and technology being used by Makuri too.

Hofmann Engineering Pty Ltd

Providing global leadership for over 40 years in the design, manufacture, refurbishment and installation of critical and valuable machine parts and components.

HOFMANN quality, precision and expertise is sought after by leading companies and governments for their ability to supply mining, military, marine, sugar, oil & gas, wind energy and aerospace industries.

Their skills and expertise cover the following areas;

  • Specialist engineering design & consulting services
  • Research & Development capability
  • Specialist in precision manufacturing
  • Specialist gear & transmission design & manufacture
  • Portable precision machine tools design & manufacture
  • Precision fabrication & welding • Onsite machining & repair services
  • Field installation supervision & training

Hofmann Engineering believes that being in a continuous improvement cycle developing and refining new processes and methodologies is an integral part of the overall business success and sevices to customers. Hofmann Engineering has 700 employees across 5 manufacturing facilities in Australia, Canada and Chile.

PT MNE proudly represents Hofmann Engineering in Indonesia under an exclusive distributor agreement with some exclusions where existing relationships may or still do apply. If clarification of distribution is required please contact either PT MNE or Hofmann Engineering

Excel Foundry

Excel Foundry & Machine specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of replacement components for equipment used in open pit mining and aggregate production. Excel is also a key supplier to OEM’s of heavy equipment around the world.

Their emphasis on spare parts for cone crushers, gyratory crushers, hydraulic excavators, electric rope shovels, draglines and screens allows them to engineer site-specific wear for these demanding applications. Excel is also positioned for growth in other areas that call for precision, CNC machining of non-ferrous copper based alloy castings as well as cast/grey iron castings, manganese steel alloys and alloy steel forgings.

Through their application-driven, site-specific engineering capabilities, their offering of replacement crusher parts of most any origin has gained acceptance and earned the confidence of aggregate and mining operations around the world. From heads & shafts to eccentrics and bushings to filters, belts and hoses, Excel is Your Replacement Crusher Parts SuperStore.

Take advantage of cutting-edge prices on their extensive inventories conveniently located throughout the United States and the world. With over 80 years of manufacturing experience, an expert and friendly sales staff, and a full complement of 24/7 engineering support and technical services, Excel Foundry & Machine will help you achieve your production goals today and tomorrow.

Tega Industry

Tega Industries Limited is a premium manufacturer and supplier of rubber, rubber/steel and polyurethane products for use mining process equipment. TEGA supply major mining customers across the globe and in some of the largest milling equipment available.

Ongoing product development has allowed for major increases in mill liner life and reductions in cost / tonne through the process plant areas.

Their product range cover many applications and add value across the much process plant throughput path.

Welding Alloys Group

The global specialist in development of low and high alloyed cored wires, tubular electrodes, automated welding equipment for surfacing and joining application and through its Integra specialized fabrication division it now offers an advanced liner system for large mobile mining equipment using Makuri I+M+D Technology

WA HardRock Range of Clad Wear Plates

PT MNE is the exclusive supplier of the WA HardRock range of clad wear plates within Indonesia

Specifically designed with input and field testing from Makuri Technology and manufactured exclusively by Welding Alloys, the WA HardRock range of wear plates comprise a base plate of construction steel and a wear resistant coating applied by precision arc welding in order to offer exceptional resistance to abrasive wear and impact in the most demanding of mining applications.

The HardRock range consists of;

  • Chrome A
  • Chrome X
  • Titanium Plus
  • Max Impact
  • Ultra Alloy

HardRock plate sizes and thicknesses

WA Range of Hardfacing Wires and Electrodes

PT MNE can also supply the full range of Welding Alloys cored wires and tubular hardfacing electrodes. For the full range please go to the Welding Alloys website. The wire and electrode type recommended and designed for use with Makuri IMD liner systems are as shown below.

Hardfacing Wires

A unique hard facing material that is compatible with clad wear materials, joining welds and base plate steels, used to protect the welds on Makuri IMD liner systems.

  • Open Arc Welding (OAW) with a self generated gas shielding so NO external gas shielding is required.
  • Best suited for 1 & 2G and 1 & 2F positions.
  • Available in wire sizes from 1.6 to 3.2 mm.
  • Packed in 15 kg spools, 25kg coils or 250kg bulk packs. The thicker wires 2.8 and 3.2mm are only available in 25kg or 250kg packaging.

Welding Alloys Tubular HardFacing Electrodes

For heavy duty hardfacing where extended life and protection is required over standard hardfacing materials. They are welded with low currents using the MMA / SMAW process and can be used as hard facing on GETs and to protect installation welds on Makuri IMD liner systems. Due to their low welding current requirements, these electrodes are well suited for site and field work using a small, light

Welding Alloys Tubular Hardfacing Electrodes are a new type of hardfacing consumable made up of a thin tubular steel outer skin, filled with densely packed high grade alloy powder. The steel tube is further coated with a unique proprietary coating, which provides excellent weldability and resistance to extreme humidity.

Welding Alloys Tubular Hardfacing Electrodes contain over 75% more high grade hardfacing alloy than a standard electrode and nearly 40% more than a high recovery type electrode.


  • Electrode diameter 6, 8 or 12mm
  • Electrode length 450 mm
  • Packed in 20kg boxes

Sepro Mineral Systems

Sepro Mineral Systems is one of the world’s leading single source developers of global mining, metal and aggregate solutions.

Sepro equipment and mineral processing plants/circuits have enriched the operations from small scale artisanal miners to the largest mining sites of the world. From a single unit of equipment to a fully designed Sepro modular and complete plant solutions, MNE proudly represents SEPRO in Indonesia.