picture1In Dec 2016 PT MNE started its first “in country” major MP1000 crusher component rebuild. The MP1000 head, made by Excel Foundry, is an upgraded and much improved design over the standard design as supplied by the OEM.

However this head is using the standard OEM bushing design as requested by the end user. This design of bush requires rebuild work to be done on a regular basis to maintain fit and function.

This project is being carried out using IP supplied by Excel and working with local precision machine shop facilities. This will allow full use and value to be obtained from the longer life head design.

After inspecting the head during its initial inspection process, Ian Wilson the Technical Director of MNE stated that;

“The Excel head is in excellent condition apart from the loss of bush fit due to the weaker OEM bush design. We are pleased to be able to offer a fast and cost effective repair service that will allow the head to go back into operation in the shortest possible time frame which will help the owners maintain maximum production”.