petrosea-in-papua andrew-in-papua

In early Nov 2016 Ian Wilson, the Technical Director and Andrew Neale, the VP Business Development visited the Freeport tailings disposal area in Timika Papua where Petrosea have a tailings levee management contract using large mining equipment.

Andrew Neale had a long association with Freeport and this contract area was under his management at one time. He was very interested to see the latest progress and challenges being faced by the contractor in digging and trucking what are very fine, dense and abrasive materials. His comments were;

“The scope of the tailings levee management operation requires large volumes of materials to be handled but the extreme digging conditions make for short bucket and truck tray liner life and high associated costs. MNE can address that with our Makuri patented liner systems, which will increase life but add no extra weight. We look forward to seeing our liners perform in such an application”